Northern Aspect Urban Planning has grown from a passion for the natural and built environment and commitment to the  people who bring places to life.

We use expertise in Planning, Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) and Collaboration to create great places to live, work and grow.

Whatever your vision, whatever your scale or budget we are here to help to make your dream a reality today.

About Jeremy

Jeremy came to Urban Planning through an exchange to Fiji while studying Urban and Environmental Management. Working with the local Environment Ministry and residents of a large squatter settlement located in the heart of the capital, Suva, he realised how our quality of life in Australia was a result of good Urban Planning and Environmental Management.

Upon returning to Australia he completed a Masters of  Environment and Planning at RMIT, delving deeper into how our cities function, examining everything from Urban Growth Boundaries and Transport to Catchment Management, Sustainable Design and Statutory Planning. During this time he developed  excellent communication and engagement skills at CoDesign and helped to establish the Merri Corner Community Garden in East Brunswick.

Working with Moreland Council’s ESD department provided a great insight into the development of the Moreland Apartment Design Code and the benefits of including ESD assessment in statutory planning process.

His consultancy work has ranged from some of Melbourne’s most prestigious neighbourhoods to Victoria’s Alpine resorts, with large companies and small. He is currently interested by the possibilities that Collaborative (Deliberative) Development models have to address housing affordability and provide quality environments for residents such as the Nightingale.